Intranet & Internet Security Solutions


Security is what makes the internet economy possible and is one of the basic and essential components of any e-business strategy. As network managers open their networks to more users and applications, they assume greater risks. Organizations who take these risks use firewalls, Security Attack Detection Systems and Virtual Private Network products to ensure that their e-business solutions are installed successfully and are secure. One of the fundamental purposes of security is protecting data that is critical to the enterprise.


The security of information systems has become increasingly complex in recent years. The increase in content attacks requires aggressive and perceptive approaches to content security to provide protection to the enterprise. Systems which do not block unwanted e-mails, viruses, spam, and attacks that can erase enterprise resources and have a negative impact on productivity cannot be said to be secure. eTrust Secure Content Manager ensures the security of important points of content security which threaten your organization.

We offer our customers the following solutions related to Content Security Management.

E-mail content security and anti-spam filtering: Employee productivity is increased by filtering spam and e-mail with undesirable content.

WEB content filtering and URL filtering: This allows internet traffic that conforms to the business rules your enterprise has specified and blocks other traffic by monitoring internet traffic and URL addresses generated by your company. Multi-purpose anti-virus protection blocks e-mails that contain viruses at the “GateWay” before they enter the enterprise network and prevents business applications and e-mail servers from being affected by viruses.

Monitoring data privacy: Security policies and rules defined by keywords that you specify prevent confidential enterprise data from being sent out in the body of e-mails originating from the company. This ensures that illegal content and confidential enterprise data is not sent out from the enterprise.

Preventing malicious software This prevents attacks perpetrated by software code such as Java, ActiveX and VBScript, which are automatically activated when certain websites are visited.