Structured Cabling Services

Structured cabling is vitally important in the world of communication as it provides automation in the workplace and transmits voice, data and images. It also constitutes a communication infrastructure that will provide service in the building for a long time. Structured Cabling Systems have the longest life of any part of the network system that critical business applications run on. No other element of the network system is used as long as the cabling infrastructure. In spite of its critical role, cabling infrastructure comprises only 2% of a company’s total network investment but 80% of the network problems we encounter can be traced back to poorly designed and implemented cabling systems.

The three most important factors behind the success of the Structured Cabling Systems that we install are:

  1. Correct Design and Project Planning
  2. Quality Workmanship
  3. Testing, Labeling and Documentation

Products and Services:

  • Fiber cabling products and services
  • Copper cabling products and services
  • Cabinet products and services